Fishermen's Energy

Fishermen's Energy Atlantic City Windfarm (FACW)

Atlantic City Windfarm

Size:  25 MW – 5 Turbines
Location:  2.8 miles off shore, ~12M water depth

Fully Permitted:

  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
    •   Public Comment Period – August/September 2010
    •   Individual Multiple Permit – March 29, 2011
  • New Jersey Green Acres Approval
    •   Public Hearings December 2010
    •   Permit issued May 2, 2011
  •   New Jersey Tidelands License – Issued May 2, 2011
  •   Atlantic City Easement – Issued August 31,2011
  •   Army Corps of Engineers 404 Permit
    • Public Comment Period August/September 2010
    • Issued June 2012

Demonstrates a responsible pathway to commercial scale projects

Ideal “showcase” for 1st offshore windfarm in the US:

  • High visibility from world known resort
  • Near tourism center – beaches, casinos, hotels, restaurant, and entertainment
  • Easy access to NYC, Washington and Philadelphia
  • Great for international stakeholders to visit
  • Supported by Atlantic City

Ideal first project for Fishermen’s:

  • Small scale
  • Shallow water
  • Easy to build with readily available domestic marine resources
  • Close interconnect 

Ideal “showcase” for stakeholders:

  • Climate Change Environmental Community - speeds the path to new  technology
  • Impacts to Marine and Avian Life Environmental Community
  • Small  scale good for demonstrating impacts prior to larger scale projects
  • Most extensive preconstruction baseline data
  • New technology post construction intensive Avian impact studies

Ideal first project for technology showcase and demonstration:

  • First commercial use of Lockheed Martin Wind Tracer
  • First commercial use of AXYS Floating LIDAR
  • Will use most economical alternative as pathway to larger projects
  • Turbine Selection - proposals from leading offshore turbine vendors –Current reference turbine – 5MW Direct Drive Turbine