Fishermen's Energy

About Us

Fishermen's Energy is a developer of offshore wind-energy facilities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Fishermen's Energy is sponsored and financed by the principals of leading companies in the East Coast commercial fishing industry. In 2009, Fishermen's Energy was awarded one of the first five exploratory wind offshore leases issued by the federal government. Fishermen's Energy is actively planning the construction of their wind farms off New Jersey, including the installation of alternative meteorological assessment equipment to assess and monitor wind, wave, and environmental data. Fishermen’s has successfully launched two monitoring buoys, as well as deployed a horizontal scanning LIDAR unit.

Fishermen’s Energy has completed all geotechnical investigations, received all of the NJ state and Federal permits required for construction for a demonstration scale (25MW) wind farm in state waters off of Atlantic City. This project may be the first grid connected and commissioned offshore windfarm in the US, making Atlantic City the “birthplace” of offshore wind in the Americas.